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After one week of taking SoBe Calm, I am feeling my brain come back into balance and it's providing calm to my life. I was actually able to fly this week without claustrophobia and zero panic attacks. - Jaime


After my first night of taking SoBe Calm, I went from three hours of interrupted sleep per night to sleeping a full six hours straight. My anxiety and night sweats have also diminished drastically within four days.  Thank you! - Julie


After two weeks on SoBe Calm, I have noticed a big difference in my ADD. I am now ten times more productive with my work, family and kids than I have ever been. - Frank


I was “white knuckling” my sobriety for months and thought I was going to relapse due to my intense cravings, anxiety, depression and insomnia. After one week of taking SoBe Calm, I have real hope, which I never had before, that I can stay clean and sober with Dr. Frisbee’s services and SoBe Calm. - Jorge


I relapsed constantly due to my severe anxiety. After leaving rehab for the fourth time, I found Dr. Frisbee and SoBe Calm. Wow! I feel like a new person, I now have hope that I lost years ago and truly feel that I can live a normal life in recovery free from anxiety. Yes!  - Lisa


Before SoBe Calm, I was anxious, couldn’t sleep and could not focus on anything. Pretty bad ADD. After just a few days taking SoBe Calm, I feel awesome.  I am at peace, I can focus, I feel satisfied and nothing seems to bother me. - John


I don't really have any addiction issues, however, I am going through menopause with severe mood swings, anxiety, insomnia and night sweats. After taking SoBe Calm for one week, my sleep and moods have dramatically improved. I'm not only happy but my family is thrilled and reaping the rewards. - Jessica


As a parent I had lost all hope after my 17 yr. old daughter relapsed for the nineteenth time. I live in Boston so we weren’t able to see Dr. Frisbee, but I ordered the product immediately. Within days my daughter’s cravings for alcohol and prescription drugs was diminishing, now two weeks later she is actually smiling, participating in life, and feeling better than she has felt in her entire life. We can’t thank you enough. - Elizabeth


After taking SoBe Calm for just three days, I have been able to sleep for longer and much better allowing me to feel more energized day-to-day transforming my life. My appetite has been suppressed and I no longer snack between meals. Having always suffered from a sweet tooth, my cravings for sugar has completely stopped.  I feel much happier in general, less irritable and more productive.- Sarah